Rank Group Orientation
War Commander CrescentClan/TribalClan Extremely Dark


A monstrous, imperative chartreuse and Balinese mix, a coal black topcoat and sepia brown underbelly meshes together creating a dappled shadow. Perniciously serrated ink black claws, half submerge from the sheathes, being too long to fit they always leave shallow perforations in the ground when he walks. Striking saffron colored eyes, they always have a sheen of malice, seeming to glow coldly from his shadowy frame.

Wikia Username: 0WetSocks0/MortificatedSouls

Animal Jam Username: Glitchedlives/Mortification

Activity: Inactive Deceased

Rank: War Commander

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Orientation: Dark(extremely)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/ Straight

Breed: Chartreuse and Balinese mix/hybrid

Mate: Astrid <3

Father: N/A Username: N/A Clan/Pack/Tribe: N/A

Mother: Wolfsong Username: Xxstitchxx Clan/Pack/Tribe: CrescentClan

Spouse: Astrid Username: Pixie908 Clan/Pack/Tribe: CrescentClan

Offspring: Aquila Username: furryfriend33140 Clan/Pack/Tribe: CrescentClan

Friend~ Wicker Nickname~ IzzyBee Trust-Rate~ 38246589436587432658743265986456347547%

Friend~ Wild Nickname~ Frosty Trust-Rate~ 2675987587764576576598769876987698768%

Friend~ Astrid Nickname~ Noodle Trust-Rate~ 34895479876947095740709746709475984779%

Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't and start loving yourself for everything you already are.

You only live once, and you only die once, so make one of them count.

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