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"Even the strength of a tiger is no match for the heart of a lion"

Basic Info. Edit

Thicket's clan Active? Gender Age (as of now) Rank Breed
Tribalclan ):3 Yes I'M A BOY BRUH 27 moons Heathen LaPerm

Description Edit

So, this dude is basically a leopard. Now go away.

lolno Ok so he is a leopard with the classy leopard style, except he's darker brown and he's got a pretty light-colored underbelly, at least compared to other leopards. His spots are also brownish, but it still looks normal. However, he has green eyes that are extremely bright, and that's what makes him a little weird-looking.

Another thing is that he's got strangely curly fur. I mean, it's not like a poodle but it's somewhat curly.

Personality Edit

Thicket is, overall, extremely cheerful. He's a daredevil who likes a challenge, and he'll take any challenge. He's an extrovert to the core.


Theme song Edit

Eh, I'll explain more of this later. But, I think the top lyric line in there is "never gonna live if you're scared to die".

Goo Goo Dolls - So Alive Official Lyric Video

Goo Goo Dolls - So Alive Official Lyric Video

Le theme song

Family Tree Edit

This will probably all be a giant W.I.P, because I'll continue to find 'em all o3o. like Pokemon



Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Crypticheart pixie908 Female No Originally Crescentclan
{STEP-MOM} Nox Ari1442 Female No Crescentclan
{FOSTER MOM} Astrid pixie908 Female No Crescentclan
  • Nox
  • Crypticheart
  • Astrid


Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Scream itfromscratch Male Yes Crescentclan
{FOSTER DAD} Tiberius GlitchedLives Male No Crescentclan
  • Scream


Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Wild furryfriend33140 Female No Crescentclan
Fern emoangels Female Yes Crescentclan
Robin Understandings Female No Crescentclan
Ronee Understandings Female No Crescentclan
  • Robin
  • Fern
  • Wild

Grandmother (father's side)

Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Angel Sosickof Female No Crescentclan
{FOSTER GRANDMA} Wolfsong xxstitchx Female No Crescentclan
  • Angel

Grandfather (father's side)

Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Chain Chaineddown Male No Crescentclan
  • Chain

Grandmother (mother's side)

Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Wicker xxslystarxx Female No Crescentclan
  • Nyssa

Grandfather (mother's side)

Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Exodus Pacification Male No Crescentclan
  • Exodus


Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Autumnlight Sakura36 Female No Crescentclan
Solar sassysyd Female Yes Witheredclan (I think)
Rika Fascinates Female Yes Crescentclan
Silver reindeerider123 Female Yes Idk
Vani halecat Female No Crescentclan
Autumn Sparklekiewart Female Yes Crescentclan
  • Autumn
  • Vani
  • Autumnlight
  • Rika (yes, I drew on the pic)
  • Silver
  • Hecate (Sassy)


Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Chain chainneddown Male No Crescentclan
  • Chain

Great aunt

Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Glitch Glitchedlives Female No Crescentclan
  • Glitch

Great uncle

Name Username Gender Living? Clan
Wolf Jay975 Male No Crescentclan


Stats Edit

NOTE: I don't do 10 out of 10, mainly because I do not believe any of my ocs are perfect at somethin' :P

Strength- 8 out of 10

Speed- 8 out of 10

Smarts- 8 out of 10

Leadership- 7 out of 10

Pride- 9 out of 10

Fighting- 8 out of 10

Hunting- 6 out of 10

Climbing- 9 out of 10

Swimming- 6 out of 10

Herb knowledge- 1 out of 10

Tracking- 6 out of 10 (because he's easily distracted)

Emotional strength- 8 out of 10

Socialness o3o- 9 out of 10

Beliefs- 5 out of 10

Strengths and flaws Edit


Thicket, and though I've probably said this 900000000000 times, is really good at and enjoys climbing. He has sensitive paw pads that can feel how weak a branch is, a shorter muzzle to reduce bumping his head into the trunk, and strong front legs to haul him up. He's actually quite fast for his size, too. He can fight decently (coff both in the argument way and physical way) and can dig out worms pretty fast. This chiald can also probably enter one of those contests where you eat as much stuff as you can, 'cause he's got a large appetite.


Because he has sensitive paw pads, that makes him more prone to cutting them. He's not so great at hunting because he's easily distracted and well, rather noisy. He's more of the cat to run at an animal than the stalk and pounce on things.

Likes Edit

Overall, he loves friends and family. He loves having fun with them (or you, because you're probably my friend reading this) and knows how to have a laugh. He enjoys climbing and the things that will push him to his limits. He has a joy for dares and any challenge (ya bruh, take me on for truth or dare). Also, just as a little hobby, he likes jumping in leaf piles o3o.

Dislikes Edit

He hates it when his companions are hurt, and will usually try in some way to make them feel better. Or he might blow his head off from anger o3o. He isn't a fan of rules, either. He also doesn't love bright lights. He doesn't like caverns or tunnels, because they make him feel trapped. His greatest fear is abandonment, because he feels like that reality is much closer than any other of his fears.

Coolio facts about him Edit

#1, Thicket has claws that are slightly more hooked and curved than an average cat's, because he's a climbing type of Pokemon :P

#2, His eyes can see a tad bit better in the dark than some cats.

#3, His ears are sort of floppy. If his head shook wildly, then they might flop around. (Note, it won't randomly flop, but they're basically more flexible.)

#4, His supah curly fur makes him more vulnerable to ticks, so if he becomes an elder one day, ya'll better watch out ):3

#5, He has reallyyy short whiskers ouo

#6, He has a slight limp from his first battle

Le News for his OC Edit

This is basically where I'll write down a big part of what's been happening in his life, like his apprentice ceremony or a new family member or something. Needless to say, this'll be constant and I'll try to edit it as much as I can ouo

6/29/2016- Thicket is born, at 5:12 PM! He is firstborn of his litter mates.

6/29/2016- Sadly, Angel, his grandmother, has died while falling from a tree.

7/3/2016- Thicket has his first fight! Nobody won. (btw, not a playfight or a spar)

7/5/2016- Another big fight with Ghostkit! Le Thicket has a twisted paw

Idk the date- Thicket's mother, Cryptic, leaves and his father, Scream, becomes mates with Nox!

7/25/2016- Thicket has become an apprentice! His mentor is Houndclaw

7/29/2016- Thicket's mentor, Houndclaw, has left Crescentclan.

8/10/2016- Thicket's sister, Robin, has died. But, he got a new sib Ronee!

8/11/2016 Thicket has become a guardian!

8/13/2016 Astrid has joined Crescentclan and become Thicket's foster-mother!

9/8/2016 Thicket and Ghosty are now mates!

9/17/2016 Thicket's aunt, Vani, and his sister, Wildheart, have died in a fire. W.I.P

Le rest of stuff like credits and all

Hey ya'll, I learned a lot from [1]. Ty Glam! Autumn also helped me learn the fabulous backgrounds ouo. And Ocean, who made the breakaway to fabulousness and (pretty much) helped me out with learning more coding. If any of ya'll helped out with this, ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty tysm.

Also, for some stuff about the page itself, I chose the piano soundcloud music because I feel like calmer music is a little better for reading. Plus, for me, I can't read things as well when there's lyrics. So ye, and the top picture (as well as my pfp) ain't my photo, just got it off of google and edited it and all. yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ty for reading