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Themesong(s) Golden by Travie McCoy ft. Sia
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Travie McCoy Golden ft

Travie McCoy Golden ft. Sia OFFICIAL VIDEO

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Sama used to be owned by an owner of a Cat mill and now has a branding of ☪ imprinted on her left shoulder. In the process of getting the branding on her shoulder she also got a silver earring in her left ear. A rich sepia, ecru and auburn pelt with hard, lean muscles underneath she wasn't quite built like her parents. A heterochromic gaze one amber eye(left) and one yellow eye(right). Having a passion of following in the steps of a Shaman she has a lucid memory of herbs and poultices. She's a bit grumpy and sarcastic most times and sometimes cats believe her sarcasm. She lost her tail from a fox trap when she was just a malkin. She has a sharp Asian accent(explained in her backstory),