-=Rex=- Edit

A tom who used to be alone in the wild. Dark Grey and White, some weird dark red pattern lining his fur. Isn't exactly the meanest cat around. He will only fight if he needs to.

-=Past=- Edit

Born as a small tom in a big world, his parents couldn't really take care of him. They hurried off to a more calm area of the forest and lied the tom there in a pile of moss. The tom awoke and the trees looked down on him. The tom eventually taught himself how to hunt, but never really claimed any territory. He was a large tom, a brute of you could say it, but he enjoyed watching others. He loved watching clans hunt and fight for each other, watching birds give each other food, and even watching cats give up their lives for others. The life he had always wanted was in front of his paws. But he couldn't ever bring himself to talk to the cats. One day, a dark blue she, with tan moon-like markings, came into the woods. She was told by a brown cat that they were looking for recruits for CrescentClan. He followed them as they went into the camp, and he ended up being a recruit himself.

Nowadays, you can see Rex around camp. He is always willing to talk, being kind and open to his clan mates.But if life or death depends on it, he will fight.

-=- Theme songs -=-    Edit

-Dreams -Bastille ft. Gab Aplin        

-Forest fires -Lauren Aquilina