"Here in the forest, dark and deep, I offer you eternal sleep"

Group CrescentClan
Username Ari1442
Orientation Dark
Sex Female
Breed Maine Coon/Toyger
Mate Scream
Status Active
Theme Song Painted Smile


        Breed & Main Look

Nox is a Maine Coon/Toyger mix, her pelt being an caliginous, atramentous color. Her eyes are a solid cerulean, and his charcoal colored pelt is plastered with a smooth, slick tabby pattern of grey. A small scar rests on herchest and at the nip of her snout. She has a rather ghastly nick in her left ear, which sometimes causes her to mishear things other cats may say. Her frame is also very voluminous in size.



Nox is a very content cat, always wanting to be around other's that have a positive outcome towards most things. She can be very cantankerous at times, and gets frusterated easily like most do. Her nefarious personality is never exposed unless protecting friends or family, nor does she attempt or make threats towards others unless needed. Her is very lucid, meaning that almost anyone can tell her personality and her emotions apart from someone else. 


Father - Unknown 

Mother - Hope (Glamberdoodle)

Siblings - Ira (Milly005)


Hunting - 9/10

Fighting - 9/10

Swimming - 7/10

Trust - 6/10

Strength - 9/10

Climbing - 5/10

Leadership - 9/10

Confidence - 10/10

Patience - 5/10

Intelligence - 8/10

Agility - 7/10

Speed - 9/10