Name: Silhouette
Clan: Crescent Clan
Gender: Female
Rank: Kit
Age: 2 moons
Height: 8 Inches
Weight: 14 ounces
Mate: None
Username: Gembee
Clan: Crescent Clan (Not plan on leaving anytime soon)
Theme Song:Control(Main) Mad Hatter/Carousel(Other Theme Songs)
【Nightcore】→ Control -- Lyrics

【Nightcore】→ Control -- Lyrics


Silhouette's description is overall quite pulchritudinous and splendorous, she is a dark achromatic almost ebony kit like a shadow. She has a lighter achromatic patch of pelage around her neck and near her chest,and she has an unusually long caudal appendage with a light achromatic dipped edge. She also has long, needle like, unguis. She has three circle like marking under her left eye that get smaller and a marking on her forehead. She has alluring turquoise eyes that are indeed memorizing with it's beautiful color. Her left front paw and right hind paw are dipped white which is quite rare since mostly cats would have symmetrical features. Overall Silhouette is quite a grandeur kit even if she messes in the mud now and again getting her pelage dirty.


Silhouette is like any kit her age, she is adventures, boisterous, and mischievous at times. Even if she is a kit she is sometimes quite non negotiable with others she hasn't really spent time with or got to learn more about. She can be anti social but is open and negotiable with those who are open to her to, don't ever try to hide something from her since she can take it very personally. She will be trueful and open to anyone that is to her as well, if you want to be her friend you need to be able to be brave enough to not keep secrets from her, but she will always respect a choice to keep a secret if it's something that she can relate to. Even though she is shown love from her friends and family she honestly doesn't believe love should be something to get attached to,in other means she never had a crush and she thinks she will never have feeling for someone but that might change as she gets older and becomes friends with more of her clanmates.

Mother:Ronee, Status:Alive, Parents:Billy Joe(Father) and Astro(Mother), Location:CrescentClan, Mate:Moon,Sinister,Zoe,Nohome,Shadow,And Kuro(Formally),Kahu(Current), Siblings:Amaya(Sister),Oceanbreeze(Sister) ,Levi(Sister
Father?:Kahu, Status:Alive, Parents:Unknown(presumed dead), Mate:Ronee(Currently), Siblings:Luna(Sister),Quartz(Brother)
Sisters: (ermm can't remember all of them, I know Ava,Scarlet,Xana,are some,please comment below if you are one of Ronee's kits)
Cousins:Zero, Status:Alive, Melody, Status:Alive, Ira, Status:Unknown(presumed alive), Ari, Status:Unknown(presumed alive)
more comings soon please inform me if you are a part of my family tree!

Family: will be worked on soon I plan on finishing my oc page soon and make a daily thing to know what happened to silhouette that day or if she has scars/new things she learned about herself and stuff like that :p

(will write more soon too tired x - x)