So let me get this straight, the only will is my own. I do whatever I want and stay alone. I'm going to suffer for the rest of my life but I'll always find a way to survive I'm not a failure but I know what it's like I can take it, leave it, or die.

Clan Rank Gender Age Mate State
Crescentclan Leader Female 19 Exodus Active
Slipknot Duality Lyrics

Slipknot Duality Lyrics

You think you're new? You're what I've been on

You think you're new? You're what I've been on.

Username Breed Sexuality Orientation Pelt
XxslystarxX Maincoon Bisexual (Oc only) Dark Tortie
Nyssa has an ash underbelly with ash spots across her vermillion pelt with an alluring, intimidating stare. Her voluminous fur is incredibly thick, acting as a slight barrier against attacks though slowing her swimming speed significantly. Experienced in manipulation taught from her past leader, Wish, she also excel's in the art of trickery. This unorthodox creature absolutely loves to trick her enemies, then manipulate them, gaining complete and utter control. If she can control you, she can control whatever you can control. She isn't bipolar, but her patience wears thin, often keeping her angry. WIP