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Name Fallingsun
Gender Female
Rank TBA



(only oc)

Age 15 moons


Breed Siamese
Voice Faint Boston


Mate/Crush TBA
Aj User Furryfriend33140
Wiki User FrostyLeSnowMan
Orientation Light
Theme song House of Gold (TOP)
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Parents- In need

Brother(s)- TBA

Sister(s)- TBA

Mate- TBA

Son(s)- N/A

Daughter(s)- N/A

Aunts- TBA

Uncles- TBA

Grandparents- TBA

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Top Coat- Fallingsun's top coat is a cream white that has a pale blonde stripe going across her spine, fading and going up part of her tail.

Bottom Coat- Her bottom coat is a pale blonde that goes along with her stripe. This color is seen on her face, ears, paws, and the tip of her tail.

Pattern- Fallingsun has light blonde splotches that are barely seen with her cream and blonde coat.

Eye color- Being a Siamese, Fallingsun's eyes are a crystal blue that stand out along her pelt.

Scars- Fallingsun currently has no scars

Height- 13 inches

Weight- 7.8 pounds
Fallingsun Doll Divine
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Adventurous~ Fallingsun is always wanting to try new things. She can never hold still and is always wanting to go out with her siblings and explore new things.

Athletic~ Because of her thin body and good health, Fallingsun is very athletic. She loves to run and when she does, she tries as hard as she can to impress the others. She is one of the fastest there is.

Intelligent~ Fallingsun can often solve problems. Most of her friends come to her when there is a problem. She loves to help her leader and her friends the best she can.

Playful~ Even at adulthood, Fallingsun is very playful. She loves to play mossball with the kits and she loves to fool around with her friends.

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Leadership~ 7/10

Physical Strength~ 6/10

Emotional Strength~ 9/10

Hunting~ 9/10

Battling~ 7/10

Speed~ 9/10

Agility~ 8/10

Sociability~ 9/10
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