Word cat
The Crisp Air. The Powdery Substance, Crawling Between Your Phalanx. Yes, You Were In The Mountains. You Crept Amongst The Abominable Acreage, Your Oculus, Blurred By The Wisps Of Snow Dancing In The Wind, Drifted Over Your Shoulder, Scanning The Acreage Pieces That You Once Trailed On. A Dissolute Canis L. Was Previously Chasing You, Like A Savage Lunatic. Your Peculiarly Concave Dentition Were Blanketed With Fresh, Warm Crimson Fluids. You Closed Your Oculus At The Taste, As It Tasted Like Fish, Which You Hated With Your Heart.

You Then Heard A Dissolute Howl, Which Swam Throughout The Vegetation And Thickets. You Shivered, Increasing Your Momentum, As In A Result, Tumbling Down The Hill. A Insurmountable, Monumental Felis C Grabbed Your Cranium, Clutching It With Her Stalwart, Omnipotent Concave Unguis. You Shuddered In Pain, As Your Own Blood Ironically Rained Down Onto Your Muzzle. And You Thought You Were A Killer.

She Was A Juggernaut Of A Feline, Yet, She Had A Masculine Structure. She Demonically Grinned, Like A Ghost. She Moved Her Colossal Maxilla & Mandible, Bellowing Superiorly. ''What Are You Doing Here, You Puerile Heathen?'' You Gulped.

She Growled, Sinking Her Concave, Sturdy Dentition Into Your Neck. She Bellowed Yet Again, ''Heathen, Please Answer. Or I Shall Have To Do More.'' You Remained Silent. She Shrugged, Lowering Her Cranium. She Then Ascended Her Cranium, Her Emerald Eyes Ominously Glowing. Here Comes The Battle, Reader.

The Commodious, Insurmountable Juggernaut Of A Felis Catus Ascended, Her Concave Unguis Gripping Your Cranium In A Omnipotent Manner. She Tore Into Your Apex, Leaving 3 Deep Lacerates On Your Cranium. You Shrunk, Closing Your Oculus. You Lay, Sighing In Agony.
Name: Exonne

Rank: Kit

Clan: Crescentclan

Breed: Bengal-Tabby' Mix

Symbol: Impossible Triangle