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Name Astro
Gender Female
Rank Deputy
Clan Crescent Clan
Birth Group The Rebellion
Age 25 moons
Breed Egyptian Mau
Mate Orion
Apprentice Amethyst & Kahu
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual(Straight)
Orientation Neutral, leaning towards dark
Username Sarvil3

☾Theme Song☽
Ed Sheeran - The A Team Official Video

Ed Sheeran - The A Team Official Video

Listen to some music while reading my profile :)


Top Coat: Astro has a milky alabaster top coat, which pops out in certain surroundings, but blends in and hides her in others.

Under Coat: Astro's under coat is a dark gray color, helping her blend in well at night or in darker surroundings.

Pattern: Astro has a kind of splotchy looking leaf shaped pattern, which is black as night, and mysterious as shadows. The pattern is dappled around her pelt

Eyes: Astro has glittering, stern, firey light green orbs.

Scars: Astro has two scars. One slightly thick one going across her left eye, and thankfully, it did not damage her eyeball, but across her eyelid, so it looks like there are these thick scratches coming from her eye. Her left ear is also slightly torn in the middle.

Pelt Texture: Astro's pelt is satin, sleek, and not rough at all. Around the top of her hind legs and the back of her neck the fur is kind of ruffled, or fluffed out, which gives her pelt more "texture"

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Personality: Astro has two sides to her. When it comes to battle, and or protecting her clan, Astro is belligerent, fierce, intelligent, fearless, loyal, and would die protecting her clan and loved ones. On the other hand, Astro is considerate, caring, trustworthy, respectable, honorable, kind, honest, and protective. Family and friends are the most important things to her. You can trust her with your life, or your deepest secret. She is known for being good at giving advice, and solving problems. Astro can also be stubborn at times, when she thinks she must stick to her right opinion or gut feeling. She has the qualities of a leader, and isnt afraid to take charge when necessary. Astro doubts herself sometimes, thinking she isnt good enough, but gets past it and serves her clan to the best of her abilities. She can also be quite witty and humorous at times.

Name Relation Username Trust %
Ghost Mother (Blazecat20) 95%
Silver Sister (?) 0%
Hana Daughter (Glamberdoodle) 100%
Vani Daughter (Halecat) 100%
Levi Son None 70%
Ocean Daughter-In-Law (XxrainbowdinosaurxX) 100%
Orion Mate (Zivixx) 100%
Kota Grand-Daughter (Kotathewaffle) 80%
Ebony Aunt (rose623) 88%
Nefarious aka Korii Uncle (Galaxies7) 75%
Yurei Aunt (rainbowloveheart) 80%
Claw Uncle (Clawpelt) 78%
Reve Aunt (Jammer3l84h) 70%
Vani Cousin (Halecat) 98%
Ghost Cousin (xxshadowedxx) 85%
Eris Cousin (brookiew1010) 90%
Wicker Grandmother (xxslystarxx) 100%
Angel Grandmother (Sosickof) 90%
Red Grandmother (Lexi1143) 100%
Raena Grandmother (Communicating) 78%
Exodus Grandfather (Pacification) 80%
Rowan Great Grandmother (xxstitchx) 75%
Cynic Great Grandmother (tanglecat22) 100%
Nightmare Great Grandfather (Punkkmetal) ?%

Name Username Friend or Best Friend Trust %
Wicker xxslystarxx Best Friend 100%
Pinefoot punkinpunkinboo02 Friend 85%
Exodus Pacification Friend 85%
Astrid pixie908 Best Friend 95%
Fern emoangels Best Friend 90%
Redwinter Lexi1143 Best Friend 100%
Tiberius Glitchedlives Friend 92%
Iris Foxfeather678 Friend 88%
Amaya Traveled Best Friend 100%
Scream Itsfromscratch Friend 75%
Sora xxskyflarexx Best Friend 100%
Eclipse Joyfulcatchings15 Friend 70%
Lilac Snitzel30626 Friend 85%
Misayuki Kikoman12 Best Friend 90%
Oceanbreeze Rainbowdinosaur Best Friend 100%
Alena Fascinates Best Friend 100%
Vani Halecat Best Friend 100%
Ghost xxshadowedxx Friend 90%
Thistle Loganmcl Friend 75%
Eris brookiew1010 Friend 90%
Cia Uncia Best Friend 100%
Hope Glamberdoodle Best Friend 100%
Robin Understandings Friend 88%
Wild furryfriend33140 Best Friend 75%
Hex Hearthfire Friend 78%
Cynic Tanglecat22 Twin <3 100%
Nox Ari1442 Friend 75%
Halycon Eliteninjawarrior Friend 80%


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