Aquila 1.1
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Aquila 1.1

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Name Aquila
Gender Female
Rank N/A
Clan CrescentClan




Age Unborn
Breed Archangel Blue

(Russian Blue)

Voice Strong British




Mate/Crush TBA
Aj User Furryfriend33140
Wiki User FrostyLeSnowMan
Orientation Neutral, Leaning

Towards Light

Themesong Skyfall (Adele)
Aquila 1.1
Emme's Stuff 3

Father- Toby (Glithedlives)

Mother- Astrid (pixie908)

Brother(s)- TBA

Sister(s)- TBA

Mate- TBA

Sons- N/A

Daughters- N/A

Aunts- TBA

Uncles- TBA

Grandfathers- Larchwing (xxstitch)

Grandmothers- Wolfsong (xxstitchx)

Aquila 1.1
Emme's stuff 4

Top Coat- Aquila's top coat is a alluring sky blue. She has slight ruffles and streaks of a darker blue along with it. Her top coat is a saddle marking that blends well with her lower coat.

Bottom Coat- Aquila's bottom coat is a light grey in color that matches the dusty grey sky that comes along every once in a while. Her bottom coat is on parts of her stomach but mostly her chest, shoulders, muzzle, and her eyes.

Pattern- Her pattern are swirls that mix in with both her top and bottom coat. The color is a deep blue in color. The swirls are mostly seen around her eyes, as they wrap around both her eyes, her tail, as it goes along her tail and tips the top of it in that color, and her paws and ankles, as it wraps around her legs and slowly fades.

Eye Color- Aquila's eyes are a brilliant dark transluclent emerald green. Her eyes tend to match the colors of the pine trees in summer time. If someone looked close enough, thwy would be able to see the streaks of light green along the pupil.

Scars- Aquila has a monumental scar on her shoulder, a thin scar on the left side of her neck, and a long scar that starts under her left eye and goes across her nose to her right eye. She also as a V shaped knick in her right ear

Pelt Texture- Being a Russian blue, her fur is thin, yet she sheds often.

Voice- Strong British.

Height- TBA

Weight- TBA
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Aquila 1.1
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~Loyal~ Aquila is as loyal as any cat could be, she looks up to the higher ranks with bright eyes, following and listening to their every words. She looks up to Sky most of the time.

~Stubborn~ When Aquila wants something, she does it. She won't listen to the others, even if she is wrong.

~Sensitive ~ She might seem tough, but Aquila has a high level of sensitivity. She often gets upset when she is wrong, and mad when someone says she is wrong.

~Trustworthy ~ Aquila can keep secrets, if it's important. She is someone that most people come to when they need help.

Aquila 1.1
Emme's stuff 7

~Leadership~ 7/10

~Intelligence~ 9/10

~Emotional Strength~ 5/10

~Physical Strength~ 8/10

~Hunting~ 6/10

~Fighting~ 7/10

~Agility~ 9/10

~Speed~ 9/10

~Sociability~ 8/10

Aquila 1.1
Emme's stuff 8

~Likes~Ice, Snow, Wind, Cold things

The Color blue

The Smell of Mint


The Sun

Bright colored flowers Over talkative cats

Adele - Skyfall Lyrics on screen

Adele - Skyfall Lyrics on screen