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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 2/18/2017

How do I create a forum on a wikia?

I have been atempting so much for my wikia. I just want to know how to change discussions to forums on a wikia.
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• 10/16/2016

Editing Help- Need It?

♛Welcome to my Edit Request & Help Page!♛

♛Message Wall:0WetSocks0♛ 

Edit Requests
Need your OC Page edited to perfection? Or a message wall or profile edited? You've come to the right place, just drop a message on my wall(link above), or a comment on this blog.
I will be MORE than happy to help you out with editing, in order to file a request consider the following. 
♛Request Form♛

♛Wikia Username or OC Name♛: 
♛Link To Page♛:
♛Color Theme(purple, blue, blue & white etc.)♛: 
♛Where help is needed♛: 
♛Page Theme(Animal Themed, Sport Themed, etc.)♛:
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• 10/15/2016

Revamp Results

If you were not elected last revamp, you will be demoted shortly. Remember, don't be afraid to try out for the next revamp! We need a LOT more staff... Please give me a little bit before the staff recieve their colors and vines ( aka: the little green thing hanging beside the staff's username ) Don't forget to congratulate everyone!
Note: Since we had nobody try out for rollback, FrostyLeSnowMan will keep her rollback rights.
Note: Since we need more than one chat mod, all current chat mods OTHER THAN MOON will keep their rights.

Contents[show]B-Crat Results
Xxslystarxx - Promoted
16 Supports 0 Neutral 0 Oppositions

Administrator Results
Glamberdoodle - Promoted
14 Supports 2 Neutral 0 Oppositions
0WetSocks0 - Promoted
8 Supports 5 Neutral 2 Oppositions

Discussions Moderator
Xxskyflarexx - Promoted
14 Supports 0 Neutral 2 Oppositions

Content Moderator
Amber4CC - Promoted
15 Supports 0 Neutral 1 Oppositions
Glamberdoodle - Promoted
14 Supports 2 Neutral 0 Oppositions

Chat Moderator
Sarvil3 - Promoted
14 Supports 0 Neutral 2 Oppositions
Mintie05 -Disqualified
( No longer in TC )
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• 10/10/2016

User Rights

Here we are again. So in case most of you forgot, these are the rules for the next revamp.

Do not argue in comments. If it cannot be resolved, leave it on MY message wall.
Do not judge based off of friendships.
Stay on task. I do not want to delete 20 comments talking about MLP.
Do not insult someone running or put them down.
You must give valid reasoning behind your vote.
Use the support, neutral, or opposing templates. If you don't, your vote will not count.
Offer positive criticism. Tell them what you would change, what is good, or why you didn't vote for them. Do not be negative.
You do NOT have to be in TC to vote, but you do have to be in TC to run for rights.
Check the User Rights page on the wikia for more information about each subject.
You CAN run for more than one position
Those who are NOT on this poll and have NOT received rights at the end of it will be removed.
HINT: We need A LOT more staff members. PLEASE try out. 
-(oppose) -(neutral) -(support)

Discussions Moderator
Content Moderator
Chat Moderator
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• 8/7/2016

True "Beauty"

(Btw, this has nothing to do with AJ or the clan, it's a life-based debate)
I wan't to be forward with this: We all judge others by their appearance.
Don't lie, you know you do, I do it, we all do it, and we probably follow those silent accusations too.
In my opinion, Disney princess movies is one of the contributes to why we do this, I mean sure, Disney princesses are characters we look up to at a young age, and they can teach pretty valuable lessons, but, Disney is trying to teach these things:

Be yourself
Looks Don't matter
Be Confident
Etc. but yet, you see the actors in Disney movies with those pretty faces, that you probably want, or possibly have, but, they are teaching you to be yourself, with those actors/characters looking absolute perfect and achieving their goals to be a actor, but let me ask you this: Have you ever seen a horribly ugly actor.
I have nothing against actors, but I hate when they claim they are their selves, because THEY AREN'T, they have makeup covering their flaws, money to hide their mistakes, fans to admire her, blinding kids of the reality: Just because someone has a pretty face doesn't mean they can't do something horrible.

I also notice the villains in movies always look ugly, or terrifying, in some way, for example: The Witch from Snow White She isn't pretty, and the character has no good qualities whatsoever making children think people with ugly faces, are horrible, and they will hurt you.
This is why The Little Mermaid is still one of my favorite movies to this day, at one point they make the Villain BEAUTIFUL:

But in the movie, when she turns beautiful, this tricks the prince into believing Ursla is Ariel, and is about to merry Ursla instead of Ariel, proving that the prince noticed no difference in personality, when Ariel and Ursla have complete opposite personalites, proving that he only paid attention to her looks, and would have married Ursla if the movie had concluded the way it did.

True Beauty
Beauty is considered looking like a goddess or god thanks to these things we are taught as children.
But, to those people who think they are ugly, you aren't, you are absolutely GORGEOUS in every way possible, every facial feature you have is a work of art, every body part you have is a masterpiece, you don't need to wear makeup or pretty clothes to prove it.
People will think you aren't attractive simply because everyone has different preferences on what attractive is, being attractive is simply being comfortable in your own skin, it's hard, but it's true.
I'm sorry, I wanted to do A debate.
What do you guys think :)?
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